Welcome to world-building.net! I'm still in the process of getting everything up but what's here is, I hope, useful. I've tried to pitch things more to beginning writers than advanced ones, though I aspire to help anybody looking to learn more about the entertaining practice of creating other societies. This site is intended more for writers than gamers, though some aspects probably work for both.

You can see all the submenus at left. When you're in one of the areas, though, you will only see that particular submenu expanded. Click on any other submenu header to go to that area's home page and see all the pages included.

After examples, you'll see a graphic that looks like this: . That will be a link to the bibliography entry for that particular example. Links outside the site will be marked with a .

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!


06/22/05: New look to the website. Slowly adding more essays in the coming weeks--I'll probably put another note here when it's done. Please let me know if Things are not working, as I worked very hard on Things and would like Things to be properly seen.

11/05/04: I've now gone through and edited all the stuff I had up previously. (I went live at around 3 a.m., you see, and didn't proofread too carefully.) My biggest gaffe was in the title: every page said "world-building dot com."

Changed the copyright stuff so that the entire site is now under a Creative Commons License. I meant to do that from the beginning, but the legalese kinda scared me at first.

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